Providing relief one rub at a time


The Fan Club

  • Arthritis

    "This product has helped with my arthritis." ~ C.S.

  • My clients love this!

    "The warm cooling sensation relieves muscle tension." ~ Stacey

  • Worth the investment

    "Works well for my muscles soreness after a good workout." ~Dane P.

  • Instant relief

    "Really helps relieve nagging pain from an old back injury." ~P.F.

  • 5 stars!

    "I recommend this to anyone, you will not be disappointed." ~Clara T.

  • Love it!

    "The masseuse used this during my massage, I absolutely love it." ~ Susan J.

Behind the brand

The Journey

  • Integrity

    Representing trusthworthiness, honor and good character without compromising our morals, beliefs and quality.

  • Consistency

    Being dependable is a virtue we pride ourselves on, it helps to foster new relationships while growing and maintaining existing connections.

  • Altruism

    Creating a brand that supports compassion, kindness and goodwill. While furnishing a product for the betterment of our customers summarizes our goals in consumer service.